Economic Optimization

Accurate Utility Tariffs

Updated daily, quality controlled and validated catalog of tariff rates captures all possible savings by optimizing every aspect of a Microgrid’s interactions with the power utility.

Location Smart Catalogs

The selected project location automatically updates the tariff, the load catalog and the site weather catalog selections for accurate modeling of location dependent variables.

Optimal DER Installation Sites

Through seamless integration with EPRI’s QSTS Power Flow, XENDEE generates least-cost designs that include the most optimal placement location for each DER technology.

Generate The Most Resilient Least-Cost Microgrids Possible

Without the hassle of repeating dozens of analyses and guessing with different combinations of DER and dispatch logic

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Auto-Generated One-Line Diagrams
and 8760+ Deep Circuit Analysis

Technically validate the performance and energy delivery capabilities of Microgrid configurations with XENDEE’s next-generation 8760 Microgrid simulator developed in partnership with the Electric Power Research Institute.

Examine flow of kW and kVAR through branches, total system losses, and line and transformer loading, along with bus violations down to 1/1000th of a second time-step.

Positive and zero sequence resistances, reactances and impedances are continuously calculated throughout the fault time cycles at every point in a system via sophisticated dynamic simulation techniques.

Three independent analyses are performed on a Microgrid in order to simulate the power systems initial voltage condition along with the during and after motor starting event.

Bankable Energy™ Technology

  • Sophisticated Smart-Grid Voltage Control Settings Optimization

  • Overhead Wire Design and Pole Configuration with Kron Reduction

  • Fully Unbalanced System Configurations (3-Phase/2-Phase/1-Phase)

  • Transformer Design and Sizing Optimization with LTC Voltage Control

  • Cable Design and Sizing Optimization with Integrated Mutual Coupling

Bankable Energy™ Technology

  • Dynamic Power Flow from 1 hour to 1/100th of Second Time-Steps

  • Sophisticated Storage Control and Fleet Control Modeling & Simulation

  • Multi-Phase Fully Unbalanced Impact Load Starting Power Flow Method

  • Multi-Phase Fully Unbalanced Topology Fault Analysis Classical Method

  • Multi-Phase Fully Unbalanced Topology Fault Analysis ANSI/IEEE Method

Microgrid Project Information Management System (MPIMS)

Workflow Automation and Asset Management for Microgrid Implementation

Real-time project status data, such as a project summary, time-line, task list and calendar can be viewed by authorized team members, anywhere, anytime.

Enjoy the benefits of light-weight project management where Microsoft Project Server is not required for web-enabled project management.

Built-In Microsoft Project Professional Features

See how bi-directional Project Professional sync and integrated features deliver a standardized tool for project management.

Cutting-Edge Search Service

Easily find project assets, resources and tasks and benefit from sophisticated search features including results preview and direct links.

Native Support for Microsoft Office

Integrated MS Office features combine the tools you know with collaboration, document version control, and tracking features.

Available in Private Cloud Configuration Options

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And This Is Only The Beginning.

XENDEE Gets Better and Better!
Energy needs and potential solutions can vary from project to project and developer. XENDEE tailors its modeling and analysis to each developer, ensuring optimum solutions case-by-case