Power Flow and One-Line Diagram

XENDEE Delivers Confidence Through Unmatched Technical Rigor and Integrates Sophisticated Quasi-Static Time-Series Power Flow Analytics

Automatic One-Line Diagrams Balanced and Unbalanced
QSTS power flow simulation 8760 to 1/100th of second resolution
Impact Motor Starting Simulation balanced and unbalanced designs
Data Portability and automatic Professional Reporting
Short Circuit Analysis ANSI/IEEE/Classical
Integrated Equipment Catalogs for ANSI and IEC Designs

Streamline Technical Design with
Automatic One-Line Diagram Modeling

  • Unequaled Automatic Diagram Layout

  • Fully Unbalanced System Configurations

    • 3-Phase
    • 2-Phase
    • 1-Phase
  • GIS integrated capabilities with Google Maps

  • Intuitive Interface for Smooth One-Line Interaction

XENDEE implements cutting-edge algorithms support nearly all frequency domain analyses and time-domain transient analyses for the simulation of Microgrid and DER interconnected to utility distribution systems.

  • Developed for engineers worldwide with ANSI/IEC symbols, metric/imperial, 60hz/50hz, and Dyn1/Dyn11 vector group options.
  • Benefit from world-class OpenDSS analytics and simulation technology and 20+ years of EPRI research output.
  • Unrivaled Accuracy: Cutting-edge analytics ensure 100% solution convergence, accuracy and precision in simulation results.
  • Single-phase and three-phase power sources such as diesel and gas generators can be easily modeled and simulated.
  • Design and simulate both non-magnetic and magnetically shielded cable configurations. Vendor catalogs enhance user productivity.
  • Novel algorithms deliver unmatched speed to convergence to meet the needs of Smart Grids and next-generation designs.
  • Automatically compute settings for control elements such as LTCs based on monitored values and voltage control settings.
  • No voltage, impedance or frequency limitations including integrated support for ANSI 60Hz and IEC 50Hz power system models.
  • Meshed network designs with multiple swing buses and generation sources and DYN1 / DYN11 delta connections.
  • Multi-Phase Load Models including
    • Constant kVA
    • Constant Impedance
    • Constant Current Magnitude
    • Constant P Quadratic Q
    • Nominal Linear P Quadratic Q
    • Constant P Fixed Q
    • Constant P
    • Fixed Impedance Q
    • Special ZIP model.
  • Model transformer LTC controls and monitor voltage at remote locations to emulate various Microgrid devices.

Model Verification

XENDEE uses sophisticated algorithms to identify and help resolve network design issues to ensure reliable simulation outcomes. Real-time field level error checkers and tool-tips help avoid input data errors. Integrated engineering logic and real-time error checkers help eliminate input data & design errors.

Increase Adoption with Trialability

Employing next-generation QSTS Power Flow simulation technology, XENDEE improves confidence and
customer adoption by delivering “trialability” of optimized Microgrid designs with virtual test-drives.

Quasi-Static Time-Series Power Flow

XENDEE’s Microgrid simulator provides the sophisticated features engineers need to model peer-to-peer multi-phase power distribution systems and traditional balanced 3-phase industrial networks.

Novel algorithms powered by EPRI OpenDSS deliver both world-class simulation speed and essentially guarantee power flow solution convergence with a default tolerance of 0.0001 in voltage magnitude.

Real and reactive generation and loads can be scheduled at any location and users can easily examine: bus voltage, power flow of kW and kVAR through cables, wires, circuit breakers and transformers, accurately determine total system losses and line and transformer loading, along with bus voltage and line current violations.

Integrated Geospatial Information System

The XENDEE One-Line and power system simulation model connects with Google Maps Geographical Information System to enable overlay of your power system onto its real geographic location. This enables users to truly visualize the system like never before, while informing system design decisions.

Distinct Energy Domains

  • Easily visualize community grids

  • Assess grid design based on geographic constraints

  • Auto calculate and optimize cable lengths with haversine formula

  • Geo-locate components or buildings within your system

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Connection Equipment

  • Overhead Wires

  • Protective Devices

  • Distribution Cables

  • Underground Cables

Voltage Control

  • LTC Voltage Controller

  • Line Voltage Regulator

  • Center-Tap Transformer

  • Distribution Transformer

  • Switched Capacitor Banks

Technology Equipment

  • 1-phase/3-phase Solar PV

  • 1-phase/3-phase Generators

  • 1-phase/3-phase Wind Turbine

  • 1-phase/3-phase Battery Storage

  • 1-phase/3-phase Induction Motors

  • 1-phase/3-phase Synchronous Motors

Assess the Impact of Motor Starting Events

XENDEE’s multi-motor, multi-phase motor starting analysis provides valuable insight on the voltage condition of nodes throughout a Microgrid power distribution system during starting events for 3-phase and 1-phase induction motors.

XENDEE directly integrates several common starting techniques, while OpenDSS technology provides planners with the ability to extend models in order to simulate virtually any type of motor starting scenario.

  • Simulate voltage condition due to the starting of 3-phase and/or 1-phase motors throughout your design.

  • Simulate the effects of various starters such as DOL, Auto-Transformer, and Reactor-Assisted starters.

Analysis Automation

  • Multi-Phase Load Models

  • Voltage and Current Analysis Before, During and After Starting Events

  • Automatically computes settings for control elements such as Load Tap Changers based on monitored values and user settings

Detailed Reporting

  • Echo of Input Data

  • Voltage and Current at Every Node

  • Voltage Violation Reporting per User Defined Limits

Integrated Technology Catalogs

Create your own custom equipment catalogs or use XENDEE’s default catalogs and minimize the need for nameplate data. XENDEE stores hundreds of common and vendor specific equipment information to save you time in designing your system.

Hundreds of ANSI and IEC Catalogs

  • Solar PV

  • Generators

  • Battery Storage

  • Induction Motors

  • Synchronous Motors

  • Switched Capacitor Banks

  • Cables and Overhead Wires

  • Transformers and Line Voltage Regulators

and many more…

Short Circuit Analysis

With the need to analyze flowing faults within a Microgrids peer-to-peer energy delivery model, a new generation of power system planning and analysis technology is required. XENDEE’s cutting-edge solutions are powered by the Electric Power Research Institute’s simulation technologies and represent the output of over two decades of research and development in Smartgrid and Microgrid analytics. XENDEE provides design engineers with the unique ability to model Microgrids and perform short circuit simulations on interconnected, meshed balanced and unbalanced multi-phase topologies.

  • Analyze faults for Microgrid designs

  • Analyze flowing faults per ANSI/IEEE Red Book

  • Analyze 1/2 cycle, 1.5-4 cycle, 8 cycle and 30 cycle faults in high-fidelity

  • Determine effects of faults at any location applying Classical or ANSI C37 / IEEE

  • Faults for varying time cycles such as Peak, Momentary, 1st Cycle and Interrupting


As machine sub-transient reactance and reactance values adjust per fault cycle, so does network impedance and fault location X/R within XENDEE.

Integrated ANSI C37 / IEEE and Classical calculation algorithms help engineers design Microgrids and complex industrial systems that operate safely and reliably under various operating conditions. Depending on the desired calculation method, Peak, Momentary 1/2 cycle, 1st cycle, 1 1/2 – 4 cycle, interrupting, 8 cycle and 30 cycle faults at any 3-phase, 2-phase or 1-phase location within the power distribution system can be analyzed with granular reporting on current flows (at both terminals of all equipment), powers, angles and voltage.

The flexibility to simulate virtually any fault scenario offers the extensibility needed to best analyze current and future Microgrid designs.

Automated Reporting

Regardless of analysis types, XENDEE allows you to generate professional reports within seconds, and share them via many popular output formats.

  • Data is at your fingertips in an easily readable manner instantly following a power flow simulation.
  • Full length professional reports are automatically generated, which give a detailed and complete overview of the system.
  • Easy to read plots and tables are generated, which can be used directly for presentations/reports, cutting post processing time to a fraction.
  • A number of XENDEE innovative Microgrid-specific metrics, which are becoming the industry standard, make you better informed of crucial technical and economic consequences of your investment.

XENDEE leads the industry in providing a powerful and accurate Microgrid, Minigrid, and Distributed Energy Resources design and implementation tool that optimizes selection, sizing, dispatch, and placement of technologies in addition to power flow analyses.