XENDEE's Extensive Experience with Microgrid and Renewable Energy Projects Helps your Organization Launch Projects of any Scale.

Energy Optimization

XENDEE uses sophisticated optimization methods such as Mixed Integer Linear algorithms to optimize energy utilization in buildings, microgrids, campuses, or off-grid locations. Optimal technology combinations and control signals can then be determined under these conditions to meet or exceed organizational goals and generate the best possible solution for the Microgrid project.

Islanded & Utility Connected Microgrids

XENDEE is an experienced developer of Microgrid projects worldwide. As part of this global consideration, we closely analyze grid stability needs and critical load issues when a Microgrid disconnects from the utility grid and reconnects, such as a loss of power at a military base or industrial motor black start at a manufacturing facility. Depending on customer's project budget, XENDEE can design fully renewable, hybrid, or combustion engine based microgrids (e.g. biogas) as well as consider load shifting and curtailment of non-critical loads.

Project Management

XENDEE's project management tools are the perfect companion to our decision support platform and aid organizations in the actual implementation of their Microgrid. The cloud based system assists your project managers and decision makers in the development stage by tracking construction progress and centralizing communication and project updates. This centralized management stage expedites the entire civil engineering process and helps identify delays and cost overruns before they can manifest.

Distributed Energy Technologies

A wide variety of energy technologies are considered in our work. We have extensive experience with modelling of Photovoltaics, electrical storage, EVs, heat and cold storage technologies as well as generation resources such as Internal Combustion Engines, Fuel Cells, Combined Heat and Power (CHP), etc. Additionally, we model market interactions and policy impacts for all applicable technologies.

Power Flow Analysis

One of the core capabilities which distinguishes XENDEE from other software tools and companies is our integrated power flow analysis approach which allows users to optimize technology selection in parallel with deep circuit simulation. Designers and engineers can then identify the best placement and sizing for DER and Microgrid technologies as well as verify that the components chosen can operate under the strain of peak usage or transient events.

Secure Cloud Computing

XENDEE combines multiple stages of the design and decision process into one cloud computing platform that provides a high level of security, centralization, and computational power to generate the best Microgrid solution possible. Additionally, our secure cloud based system has been used and tested extensively by the US Federal Aviation Administration for one of the most critical infrastructure in the US – Airports.

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