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Cloud-Based Microgrid Construction Management

The final stage of Microgrid development with XENDEE is the implementation and project management software. This secure and enterprise-grade solution is designed to provide real-time monitoring for planning, workflow automation, and improved project productivity on the job site. XENDEE’s cloud based solution also helps engineers and management easily handle multi-project environments with different scopes, complexities, and points of contact. This provides real-time project status data such as a project summary, dynamic timelines, task list and active calendars directly to authorized team members anywhere in the world while keeping proprietary information safely encrypted on XENDEE's cloud based servers or on your own private system.
XENDEE’s microgrid project management information system also natively integrates with the latest version of Microsoft Project Professional providing engineering managers with the ability to hot-sync their Microsoft Project list of tasks without using the Microsoft Project Web App.

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Improved Decision Making Through Enhanced Visibility

XENDEE’s secure project management suite provides real-time monitoring to leaders and decision makers for planning, workflow automation, and improved project productivity. Our cloud based solutions also help teams easily share and manage multi-project environments with different scopes, complexities, and vendors, allowing users to jump in and out of projects as required.

Streamlined Management and Communication


With XENDEE, team members can view project schedules and update their work via mobile or desktop devices, with the changes automatically updated in Microsoft Project, and vice-versa. Team members can also utilize the “All My Work in One Place” feature which displays and allows management of all tasks specifically assigned to a team member regardless of the amount of projects they are currently stationed on.

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Reporting and Project Status Visualization

Real-time interactive dashboards make it easy for stakeholders to stay up to date on the progress and delays of Microgrid implementation. This allows leadership to stay in sync with daily fluctuations and direct their attention to delays in order to reassign resources or modify the schedule.

Automated Workflows
Improve Productivity

XENDEE enables you to track asset status, workflows, and project evolution in real-time. Customizable and re-usable workflows improve project productivity and automate manual processes. This keeps management in the driver's seat of multiple projects at once, streamlining communications and focusing attention where it is needed most.

Improve Decision Making &
Streamline Project Delivery Processes

Complete transparency of project progress and improved quality of information eliminates confusion and brings clarity to vendors, employees and consultants alike. Users can also manage what information is available to whom and eliminate information overload, while enhancing decision making in multi-project environments.

Identify Issues and Project Delays Before They Manifest

Guided collaboration, feedback and version control features enable knowledge exchange, and collaboration among all stakeholders. Team members are kept in sync at all times, and deviations from plan are highlighted to indicate effects on the overall project status as well as provide management insight into delays before they manifest.

XENDEE’s project management tools help users bring their projects from concept to completion even when working with multiple projects. Schedule a demonstration today to get more information about managing specific projects for your organization.