Every second of downtime in an industrial or commercial environment can be detrimental to the speed and overall pace of your organization. Additionally, some industrial machines may be damaged or require a massive startup time that makes maintaining power quality and reliability essential to consistently hitting production deadlines.

XENDEE’s streamlined platform standardizes the process for Microgrid development and allows designers and engineers to find creative solutions for localized Microgrids that meet or exceed organizational resiliency and sustainability goals while also consistently capturing the best pricing available. XENDEE can also harness your Microgrid to find other revenue sources like sales back to the utility or electric vehicle charging stations that enhance your company’s revenue, community reputation, and overall sustainability.

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Minimize Soft Costs

XENDEE's multi-stage design platform is able to deliver on your needs to cost-effectively implement a scalable Microgrid from ground up or facilitate integration of additional critical loads, generation, and storage assets into an existing Microgrid.
Photo Credit: "Diesel generators at ATR" by Idaho National Laboratory is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Reduce Project Risks and Increase Speed to Market

With experience in real commercial and industrial projects, XENDEE understands the challenges Microgrid developers experience. We provide an advanced, versatile platform to identify the best technology options to maximize the potential of reliable, profitable, and quality energy sources for your projects. Some of the world’s largest commercial & industrial hybrid-Microgrid developers rely on XENDEE to generate optimal solutions that exploit legacy generation assets to reduce costs and emissions, and capture financial savings opportunities.

“With the proper Microgrid implementation, production can continue according to schedule even during an outage, turning an energy emergency into an energy solution that delivers real value for your organization.  We also understand the sustainability and security needs modern business owners must reach to become a leader in their industry and their community. XENDEE helps organizations hit those goals while also maximizing energy efficiency and capturing the most value from their distributed energy resources.”


-Adib Nasle

Founder, CEO of XENDEE

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Make Better Microgrid Decisions for Your Organization with XENDEE