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Xendee Appoints Akshaya Gulhati as Chief Product Officer

Akshaya Gulhati, Chief Business Officer, Xendee

Xendee, a leader in microgrid decision support and operation software, today announced that it has appointed Akshaya (Aks) Gulhati as Chief Product Officer. In this new role, Aks will lead and help execute on Xendee’s products and services strategy to deliver even more value to Xendees customers.

Update: As of August 2022, Aks Gulhati has been promoted to Chief Business Officer at Xendee.

Aks brings two decades of management consulting experience in energy and digital transformation. Prior to joining Xendee, Aks worked as a Partner at the Boston Consulting Group. He also held senior positions at Booz & Company and ICF Consulting. Over his extensive career advising energy industry leaders, Aks has guided over 50 private companies, industry organizations, and government entities across North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa.

“I’m excited to join Xendee at a time when the proliferation of distributed energy resources and climate objectives are demanding innovation in the market. Xendee is leading the charge by introducing sophisticated products and services that can allow customers to quickly understand and mitigate their Scope 1 and 2 emissions,” said Aks. “I am very impressed with what the team has achieved so far and look forward to working alongside them to take Xendee to the next level.”

Xendee improves bankability and project financing in a way no other solution has addressed successfully with a platform that serves all stages from site selection, design, and operation. The platform optimizes over 25 different on-site energy generation and storage technologies (electric, thermal, EV charging, and hydrogen), and auto-generates optimal solutions around whatever priorities customers have in mind (e.g., least-cost, emissions reduction, resilience, redundancy, or any combination of these).

“The key to reaching global carbon emission targets is alignment between business objectives, public needs, and financing opportunities, and Aks brings superb depth of experience to bear on this challenge,” said Adib Naslé, Co-Founder and CEO at Xendee. “We’re thrilled to bring Aks on board as Xendee’s Chief Product Officer and leverage his skills with product strategy, innovation, and digital transformation to help our clients achieve their Scope 1 and 2 emissions goals confidently and reliably.”

To learn more about Xendee, please visit https://xendee.com/.

About Xendee

Xendee develops world-class Microgrid decision support software that helps designers and investors optimize and certify the Fight-Through™ resilience and financial performance of projects with confidence. The Xendee Microgrid platform enables a broad audience; from business decision makers to scientists, with the objective of supporting investments in Microgrids and maintaining electric power reliability when integrating sources of renewable generation. Learn more at https://xendee.com/.

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