Product Roadmap for April & May

XENDEE provides multiple views into the techno-economic design of Microgrids and utilizes the Graphical Geographic Information System's (GIS) easy to use interface as well as the Expert Mode for in-depth techno-economic design. The Expert Mode is extremely flexible and already provides modeling of basic power flow and district heating capabilities between nodes (not to be confused with Step 4, Detailed Technical Design: Advanced Power System Modeling with Microgrid Specific Analysis.

For example, the techno-economic XENDEE Optimization (XENOPT) system can decide where to place critical generation technologies to avoid overloading of cables and transformers and can also consider line losses as well as voltage drops in the economic or CO2 optimal design. After using these features for more than two years in the Expert Mode of XENDEE and based on customer feedback, we decided to bring those capabilities in the GIS view. This will reduce the specific modeling knowledge required for XENDEE users and allow for faster analysis for this very critical optimization, which does not exist in any other modeling approach and tool. Based on these techno-economic results, detailed distribution system and power flow analysis can be done in the next step.