Master DER & Microgrid Design Through a Xendee Sponsored Course at ASU

This course aims to provide participants with the necessary knowledge and skills to use XENDEE software for analyzing and optimizing microgrids effectively.

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Become a Microgrid Design Expert in Three Days

This online course aims to provide participants with the necessary knowledge and skills to analyze and optimize microgrids effectively. Three half-day sessions will enable participants to gain hands-on experience using Xendee to perform optimization of Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) for carbon reduction, resiliency, and cost optimization.

Joining ASU's training program is an exciting opportunity to dive into the world of microgrid design and operation. By the end of the training, participants will master the concepts and methodologies for conducting optimizations in Xendee. 

The training consists of three live online half-day sessions (four hours each) and fourteen hours of self-paced material. Xendee will be sponsoring 100 spots however the first cohort is limited to 25, so please register as soon as possible (first-come first-serve). 

All we ask in return is that you commit time to this course and immerse yourself in the content. Dates will be Nov 27th, 28th, and 29th 2023.

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Objective Function Graphic

Advanced DER Modeling, Streamlined

DESIGN streamlines the Distributed Energy Resources (DER) or infrastructure modeling process, allowing you to arrive at a finance and engineering-ready design.

Xendee has been an integral partner in our microgrid innovation research and in helping UC San Diego to capture new project funding and research opportunities.
Prof. Jan Kleissl
Director, Center for Energy Research
University of California, San Diego

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[First Session Limited to 25 Seats]

This sponsorship will be exclusively paid by Xendee and space is limited, so register as soon as possible.

Xendee also has special pricing programs for students and researchers.