Modeling & Engineering Services for Licensees

Augment your team's capabilities with modeling services from Xendee's Microgrid & Distributed Energy Project Experts.

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Modeling & Engineering Services

Augment your team's capabilities with modeling services from Xendee's Microgrid & Distributed Energy Project Experts.

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Leverage Xendee's Engineering Team and Expertise to Help You Win More Projects


Xendee's modeling experts extend your team with the on-demand expertise and capabilities you need to ensure accuracy and speed on major projects.

  • Utilize our team of experts to help design optimized energy systems for civil infrastructure, military bases, company campuses, EV charging stations, and more.
  • Rapidly analyze large portfolios of potential sites for ideal project locations.
  • Create projects using a wide variety of new technologies including EV charging stations, generators, and hydrogen electrolysis (Xendee supports 25+ different types of Distributed Energy Resources).

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A Leading Team of Energy Project Experts

Our team of experts have over three decades of experience in renewable energy technologies, technical design and conceptual design of microgrids at an international level. With Xendee, you can instantly scale your team up or down to meet the needs of major projects.


Decades of Commercial
Energy Experience

Xendee's modeling experts have extensive experience in Energy Distribution System design & modeling with millions of dollars in energy projects worldwide.

Research Based
Modeling Approach

Xendee's research based approach to microgrid design relies on advanced software and multi-year algorithms to optimize investment strategies and operation.

Trusted by The U.S.
Dept. of Defense

Xendee is used by the DoD for energy projects at facilities, airports, and other critical infrastructure. Xendee is available through the GIS catalog and is CMMC certified.

Case Studies:

NEOM: Saudi Arabia

By leveraging Xendee's advanced energy modeling, NEOM integrates solar panels, battery systems, and innovative technologies like hydrogen to achieve maximum DER coverage and meet their clean energy goals. Xendee primarily models "The Line'' which is a 170-kilometer landscape of extraordinary diversity. Using Xendee's tool, NEOM could map out each of the 7 different regions inside, and position DERs uniquely within each one. Additional facilities that Xendee is currently working on include Sindalah, Land of the Line (LOTL), Gulf of Aqaba (GoA), and Oxagon.

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USA flag badge on the side of a man's military coat
Case Studies:

U.S. Department of Defense ESTCP

The U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) needed to develop a standardized method to guide rapid and repeatable modeling and design of secure and resilient DoD microgrids globally. This would provide enhanced energy reliability and enable DoD installations to safely ride-out prolonged utility power outages and sustain mission critical operations, using renewable energy resources and storage in an integrated microgrid system.

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Case Studies:

How to Create a DOD-Certified Microgrid

The U.S. Department of Defense (DOD), through its Environmental Security Technology Certification Program (ESTCP), has identified microgrids as a key technology for increasing security, energy efficiency and resilience at new and existing military installations. The advantages are clear. Microgrids can reduce the energy and physical footprint of military installations. This in turn reduces the reliance on and impact to local communities while improving the likelihood of uninterrupted power despite disruptions on local utility networks.

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Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (Case Study)
Case Studies:

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

PNNL turned to Xendee to enable this complex hydropower system analysis and research. Xendee provided PNNL with both the necessary tools and research support to analyze and optimize DoD microgrid projects, and to evaluate the potential for new hydropower projects.

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auto manufacturing plant
Case Studies:

Fortune 100 Automotive OEM

Xendee modeled seven different renewable technologies on each site and chose the optimal technology size and mix. Each technology was modeled with its own incentive schemes (a mix of tax rebates & accelerated depreciation), and the overall project considered a year-over-year increase in carbon tax for 15 years. Xendee considered net metering, subject to the local constraints, i.e., limiting exports to no more than purchases.

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large mining operation
Case Studies:

International Energy EPC

Xendee identified a combination of solar and wind to complement the existing gas generation and reduce the carbon footprint by over 60%. The fast analysis allowed them to progress the design of the facility with their customer from a more educated and data-driven position. The facility took the Final Investment Decision and moved forward in 2023 to build a lower-carbon energy solution, thanks to the client's initial quick analysis.

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Boston airport
Case Studies:

Hanscom Air Force Base & Boston Logan Airport

Xendee worked with Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) to develop a microgrid implementation toolkit for airports. The Toolkit provided guidance and implementation strategies to improve airport energy resilience and to develop microgrid projects with a focus on helping an airport in early stage Microgrid planning. The toolkit was tested and validated by airport personnel and emergency preparedness personnel from across the country.

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Santa Rosa logo
Case Studies:

Santa Rosa Junior College Microgrid

The Santa Rosa Junior College campus microgrid is currently reliant on electrical power from the PG&E grid, which uses approximately 15% fossil-derived energy sources, whereas the proposed Microgrid would supply approximately 29% of the campus total electricity demand with 100% emissions-free PV solar energy. Further, recommendations have also been made regarding how utilities and community colleges can apply the approaches outlined to overcome identified roadblocks to streamline the Microgrid design process.

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Idaho National Lab logo
Case Studies:

Microgrid Fast Charging Stations With Idaho National Laboratory

Xendee Corporation partnered with Idaho National Laboratory to develop an optimized platform for designing Microgrid Fast Charging Stations (MFCS) quickly and effectively. This project was funded by the DOE Office of Electricity, Microgrid Program. The platform was developed alongside a detailed analysis of two test sites which acts as seed locations for fast-charging facilities across the United States.

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Bid on Large Projects Without Overburdening Your Team

Instantly add bandwidth to your engineering team by leveraging our modeling experts and software to handle financial feasibility studies and detailed microgrid designs for major projects including hospitals, housing communities, office complexes, EV charging stations, and more.


Rapidly Analyze Sites at Scale to Identify Ideal Projects

Xendee can analyze site portfolios at scale to identify ideal projects for microgrid development. This lets data drive your investment decisions by focusing on locations where demand charges or high utility rates are crushing profitability. This also means deprioritizing sites where needs can already be met efficiently through the utility.



Explore New Types of Technologies for Distributed Energy Projects

Xendee's research based software currently supports 25 different technologies including solar PV, batteries, generators, and charging stations as well as advanced technologies like hydrogen electrolysis, hydrokinetic generators, geothermal assets, and even small modular reactors. When modeling new technologies, Xendee can augment your team by preparing multiple optimizations for technologies which are outside of your core use cases.



Expand Your Organizations' Microgrid Design Capabilities with Xendee 

Leverage Xendee's modeling experts to help your team quickly identify ideal projects at scale as well as generate optimized microgrid designs.

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Explore how Xendee's modeling consultation services can be leveraged to expand the capabilities and bandwidth of your team.