Rapidly Verify the Viability of a Microgrid Project

XENDEE removes traditional technical barriers for initial feasibility studies while enabling rapid and seamless collaboration between customers, developers, financiers, and regulators. This allows more Microgrid projects to be tested for viability and ultimately more distributed energy systems to be brought to implementation. In addition, XENDEE's generative algorithms automatically design the lowest-cost optimal Microgrid system that meets your client's business objectives, such as emission reduction or cost savings. No other solution considers as many value streams as XENDEE or delivers the technical rigor and deep-circuit analyses XENDEE integrates.

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Immersive User Experience & Interface


XENDEE’s Patented Adaptive User Interface compartmentalizes the complexity of Microgrid design and guides users through the design process with checklists and tooltips.

This guided and immersive interface enables a broad audience of users, including experienced planners, business development specialists and sales professionals to be a part of your energy transition team and help bring more Microgrids to market.

Generate Optimal Customer Outcomes

XENDEE’s autonomous generative design algorithms calculate millions of possibilities and automatically solve the optimal  Microgrid investment and control strategy for your project based on your envisioned outcome. All XENDEE needs are your desired goals (e.g. least-cost, resilience, or CO2 emission reduction) and your constraints to generate the optimal custom tailored Microgrid for you – saving weeks or months of effort when compared to existing software and methods.

Utilize Real World Financing Terms

Easily optimize a Microgrid’s design and operation based on the real lending terms a financier provides to your clients, and accurately analyze the impact of different loan terms and technology replacement financing options to determine the optimal percentage of a project’s capital costs to finance in order to achieve the life-time economic goals of your client project.
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#1 Trusted and Most Awarded Microgrid Platform

XENDEE’s underlying technology and its creators have been recognized for their contributions to the field with the Presidential Science Award from the United States White House, the Defense Innovation Award in Energy, and Microsoft’s MVP award. Our technical innovations have resulted in peer-reviewed scientific papers, multiple patents, and adoption by US National Labs, global industry and world renown institutions.
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Immersive Microgrid Optimization

New users can begin screening Microgrid investment opportunities and business cases in minutes with our easy to use interface. Then, generate and share an initial feasibility study to ensure project viability and excite stakeholders.

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Multi-Year Investment Optimization

Rapidly generate and simulate the economically optimal Microgrid technology investment and sequence of operation control strategies up to 50 years into the future with our patented technology.

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Power Grid Outage Modeling

Multiple levels of grid outage modeling are available within XENDEE. The simplest way is to use our GIS based Microgrid configurator. Sophisticated approaches are available through the Expert Mode interface.

Accurate Utility Tariffs

Updated on demand, XENDEE's quality controlled and validated catalog of tariff rates captures all possible savings by optimizing every aspect of a Microgrid’s interactions with the power utility.

Location Smart Catalogs

The selected project location automatically updates the tariff, the load catalog and the site weather catalog selections for accurate modeling of location dependent variables.

Full-Spectrum System Analysis

Integrated Microgrid Time-Series Power Flow analytics help clients generate least-cost optimal designs that validate voltage drops, equipment loading, and the optimal placement location for each DER technology.

XENDEE’s Client Feasibility Study enables your business development, sales and design teams to iterate and test projects fast, allowing more designs to be screened and more projects to be ultimately brought to completion.