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Optimize Investments and Dispatch Strategy Adaptive to Changing Conditions

Conventional Microgrid project planning is based on a system frozen in time, where all attributes never change even over the course of a fifty year infrastructure investment. Reality is much different however with new laws, changing energy prices, and new technologies drastically altering the costs and opportunities presented to the Microgrid during each year. XENDEE allows users to enrich feasibility studies and unlock new investment opportunities with more advanced multi-year Microgrid project financials that enable the accurate evaluation of financial and environmental changes over a project horizon.

Let XENDEE's unique bankability analysis capabilities generate custom-built solutions optimized to your customer’s exact objectives and needs with unmatched accuracy and speed.

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Multi-Year Adaptive Analysis:

Intelligently Model Microgrid Changes Over Time

Explicitly Analyze Eleven Distinct Energy Domains

XENDEE separates loads into distinct domains to identify opportunities to increase efficiency and reduce costs through strategies such as heat recovery and thermal storage.

Design Resilient Microgrids Without Repeating Dozens of Different DER Combinations

XENDEE intelligently pinpoints which technologies will provide the technically and economically optimal solution. This gets rid of the need to run individual optimizations for each combination of technologies and allows XENDEE to consider the actual dispatch of energy by the Microgrid as part of its analysis to meet the needs of the project without unnecessary oversizing. 

Maximize Value for Every Kilowatt to Unlock Investment Opportunities

XENDEE automatically analyzes your Microgrid at every time-step of the day to ensure the most cost efficient dispatch of energy resources.

Generate an Optimal Energy Dispatch
Rapidly Design Projects with Catalogs & Automation
Secure More Investment with Detailed Reporting
electrical dispatch

Faster Project Delivery

XENDEE gives you the ability to bring Microgrids to market faster and deliver business value over a project’s life-time. Our collaboration features help all stakeholders build a shared understanding of both the optimal business case and the optimal technical design and performance of a project.

Rapidly Optimize Designs

Generative algorithms automatically design the lowest-cost most optimal Microgrid system that meets your business objectives. No other solution considers as many value streams as XENDEE or delivers the technical rigor and deep-circuit power flow analyses XENDEE integrates.

Increase Business Velocity

Achieve your project investment goals faster and with higher quality results. With XENDEE, you are leveraging the output of over 10 years and $700 Million in research and development of Microgrid economic optimization and deep-circuit power flow analytics science.

Expert Mode Interface Offers Flexibility for Advanced Users

For experienced users, the interface offers an Expert Mode, which expands the modeling features available and allows users to define more complex and detailed scenarios, such as Net Metering utility programs, Zero Net Energy Buildings, and load shifting or outage curtailment.

Expert Mode also allows modeling of all details and turning-on/turning-off optimization constraints. Automated data processing and reporting enhance the expert interface to balance the complexity of detailed modeling in the Expert Mode with a User-Friendly design.

microgrid options and settings
Value from Savings
Revenue from Energy
Value from Incentives

Model A Full Suite of Distributed Energy Technologies

Select from a wide variety of wind turbines, multiple PV array mount installation types, and set the charging and discharging efficiency of electric stationary storage. Users can also specify the fuel type, efficiency, minimum operating load, and more for 50 conventional units, including internal combustion engines, micro-turbines, and fuel cells.

Investment Parameters
Technical Parameters
Catalogs and Processing

XENDEE offers a comprehensive suite of data catalogs for easy selection, importing, and processing. The user-indicated project location automatically updates both the load catalog and the site weather catalog selections for accurate modeling of the effects of location and seasonal variations on PV, wind and solar thermal performance. Wind power performance is calculated for a selection of over 100 models of wind turbines, using vendor-sourced information, giving you the edge you need in replicating the performance of market-available wind turbines.

Technologies and
Energy Management Goals
Integrated with XENDEE

Distributed Generation

Energy Storage

Energy Management

Worldwide Site Specific Weather Catalog Data

site specific weather data
Sensitivity Analysis:

Test the Stability of Your Investments Against Changing Prices or Adverse Events

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Results and Reporting

XENDEE’s automated reporting reduces soft costs associated with results analysis and streamlines result interpretation with organized tabulated summaries of cost and CO2 emission results that are designed to instantly communicate the feasibility of projects.

microgrid savings
Easily Share Dynamic Financial Projections

Generate Meaningful Reports Designed to Aid Decision Making

Regardless of analysis types, XENDEE allows you to generate professional reports within seconds, and share them via many popular output formats.