XENDEE Welcomes ARUP to the XENDEE Microgrid Cloud Computing Platform

XENDEE is pleased to announce that ARUP has become a new user of our Microgrid Decision Support Software Platform. ARUP has more than 15,000 specialists, working across 90+ disciplines, with projects in over 140 countries and we look forward to seeing what they build and design with the XENDEE Platform.

Learn more about ARUP at their website:


Schneider Electric Former Senior Vice President and CTO Barry Coflan Joins Xendee’s Board of Directors

The Xendee Corporation, a leading DER and EV charging infrastructure design and operation software provider, announced today that Barry Coflan has...

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Town of Basalt, Colorado

Rocky Mountain Institute

Challenge: A non-profit consulting for a municipality was looking into modeling a proposed new development in their town.

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Mid-Sized Global Consultancy

CHALLENGE: A mid-sized global consulting company was engaged by a steel mill to evaluate a few unsolicited solar proposals they had received for a...

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