Accelerate the Transition to Clean Renewable Energy

XENDEE is designed to accelerate the transition to sustainable energy while also ensuring that projects are both financially and technically viable. Together, we’re a team of engineers, scientists, researchers, designers, marketers, product specialists, salespeople and entrepreneurs working together to create the Microgrid design and operating system for clean energy at scale.

XENDEE also offers competitive salaries, unlimited paid time off, a medical plan for employees and dependents, and a chance to grow & build equity at a venture-backed startup. Get in contact with our team today and let us explore how your experience and expertise can align with XENDEE’s clean energy mission and bring more sustainable projects to market.

Adib Nasle
Founder & CEO of XENDEE


Unlimited Paid
Time Off

Healthcare, Vision, and Dental

Venture Backed Startup

Eligibility for

Work Alongside A Passionate Team of Distributed Energy Experts

Research, Innovation & Product

Chief Technology Officer & Co-Founder
Michael Stadler, Ph.D.

XENDEE’s research, innovation and product team is responsible for Microgrid and Distributed Energy Resource (DER) research as well as the technical and financial optimization tools that underpin XENDEE’s bankability and decision support algorithms. Led by Presidential Science Award winner Michael Stadler, this team also manages product development and marketing.

Software & Technology

Chief Software Architect & Co-Founder
Scott Mitchell, MSCS

XENDEE’s software engineering team, led by Microsoft Alumnus Scott Mitchell, is focused on creating efficient software for electrical power system design, optimization, and capacity assessment. The team is also hyper-focused on cloud computing and cyber security due to the sensitive nature of energy systems and the unique needs of our public and private users.

Business Development

Chief Business Officer
Akshaya Gulhati

Xendee’s business development team is led by Akshaya Gulhati, a management consultant with two decades of experience in the energy and resources industry. He has advised over fifty private companies including industry bodies and government entities. Prior to joining Xendee, Akshaya worked as a Partner with the Boston Consulting Group in Calgary, Canada.

Strategy & Investor Relations

Chief Strategy Officer
Naser Partovi

XENDEE’s strategy team is responsible for developing and executing strategies to achieve Xendee financial targets. The strategy team is led by serial entrepreneur and venture capital veteran, Naser Partovi, who has served in many startup boards as well as nonprofit organizations.

Offices in Sunny San Diego with Co-Workers Around the Globe

More About XENDEE

XENDEE is a venture backed startup in the rapidly growing industry of Microgrids and Distributed Energy Resources. We are located in San Diego, California, an increasingly attractive destination for technology companies, investment dollars, and innovative research. 

Our Offices

7855 Fay Ave Suite 100
La Jolla, CA 92037 USA

Let’s Get to Know Each Other!

Come join the XENDEE team and be a key asset in a diverse workforce of talented Microgrid experts looking to solve the problems of powering the planet sustainably. Please review our available positions below and let’s explore how your unique set of skills and experiences can lead to a cleaner, carbon neutral future.