XENDEE Pricing

Built for DER and Microgrid Developers, Energy Providers, Engineers, Financiers, Investors, and Students

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Microgrid Planners
Billed Monthly or Annually
  • 1 User License Included
  • 4 Hours of Video Conference Training
  • Custom Branding and Reporting
  • GIS Planning Mode
  • Expert Planning Mode
  • Full Spectrum (Electrical/Heating/Cooling)
  • Multi-Node System Design Optimization
  • Automatic Microgrid Optimized Design
  • Optimized Design with Power Flow
  • Outage Fight-Through™ Optimization
  • Optimal Controller Dispatch and Logic
  • Optimal Energy Management Logic
  • Project Screening
  • Project Feasibility Studies
  • Project Bankability Studies


Power System Designers
Billed Monthly or Annually
  • 1 User Licenses Included
  • 6 Hours of Video Conference Training
  • Custom Reporting
  • GIS Planning Mode
  • One-Line Diagram Planning Mode
  • Snap Shot Power Flow Analysis
  • QSTS 8760+ Power Flow Analysis
  • Impact Load Starting Analysis
  • Short Circuit Analysis
  • Arc Flash Hazard Analysis
  • X-Mode Auto Balance of System Sizing
  • Add-On Black Start Transient Analysis
  • Add-On Elecromagnetic Transients
  • Interoperability with EPRI OpenDSS
  • Open Standards Support


Tailored Solutions & Services
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  • Custom User Licensing
  • Custom Integrations
  • Custom Solution Development
  • Custom Training and Academy
  • Custom Client Facing Configurator
  • Project Design Services
  • Custom SLA and Dedicated Servers