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Accelerate the deal-making process with a business development tool to streamline accurate DER, Microgrid, and EV infrastructure proposals.

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Accelerate the deal-making process with a business development tool to streamline accurate DER proposals.

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you can easily:

Analyze, prioritize, and quote new opportunities in your site portfolio

  Unlock new DER investment opportunities for your customers

  Provide research validated financial projections for recommended sites

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Unlock Market Potential for Your Sales, Engineering, and Business Development Teams

Reduce your cost of customer acquisition and increase your sales team's speed-to-quote with unmatched confidence and pricing accuracy.

  • Create sophisticated DER and EV infrastructure proposals that win client project approval faster.
  • Reduce pricing errors and generate accurate proposals that improve sales conversion.
  • Get more deals signed with faster speed and unmatched sophistication for project proposals.

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Increase Sales Conversion

Increase your EV infrastructure, DER, and Microgrid sales conversion and customer acquisition through comprehensive and easy-to-present project proposals.

  • Most accurate tool for quick and sophisticated proposal creation
  • A single database and AI driven tool for proposal generation integrating utility data, technology, weather data, and more
  • Move seamlessly from proposal to detailed design

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How it Works


Import all needed project data from our databases and catalogs.


Select preconfigured project templates based on desired technologies.


Create and provide an optimized proposal in real-time with your customer.


Accurate and Sophisticated Microgrid and EV Charging Proposals

Utilize the same proven optimization modeling approach as Xendee’s DESIGN tool to provide detailed and accurate proposals.



Reduce Errors and Increase Speed-to-Quote

Reduce pricing errors with extensive catalogs of DER technologies, EV charging infrastructure, and utility tariffs, allowing users to generate sophisticated financial feasibility studies to expedite project approval.

Integrating tariff, weather, utility data, and loads all in one system provides you with the needed flexibility, speed, and accuracy.


Move Seamlessly From Proposal to Detailed Design

After winning new customers, move your accepted DER, Microgrid, and EV infrastructure proposals directly into detailed engineering designs, all within the same Xendee platform.


Correlate Energy's Project Proposal Process with Xendee

Lack of stakeholder confidence is a major contributor to stalled renewable energy projects during the feasibility analysis stage. The answer is a sophisticated, data-driven approach that gives decision makers the tools to make informed decisions and implement solar projects with speed.

During this webinar, Correlate Energy's Chief Product Officer and Director of Solar Energy and Storage will explore how they use Xendee's PROPOSE to expedite the site analysis process and create proposals that win more deals and inspire investor confidence.


Built For Business Development Teams

Close more deals by showcasing the value of your DER technologies and engaging prospects in real-time.

Most Awarded

Our team and platform are the recipient of a 2021 Edison Gold Award for critical human infrastructure, Presidential Science Award from the White House, the Defense Innovation Award in Energy, and Microsoft MVP.

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We have obtained compliance with the U.S. Department of Defense’s stringent Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) and maintain enterprise and government-class cybersecurity standards.

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Xendee is trusted and used by 400+ organizations, teams, and groups.


90% time and cost savings compared to typical manual processes.


More than 200 peer-reviewed articles documenting the Xendee algorithm.


More than 215,000 microgrid and DER designs have been optimized through Xendee.


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