The Laboratory for Energy And Power Solutions (LEAPS) at Arizona State University (ASU) offers 100+ hours of content in XENDEE simulation-based Microgrid design and hands-on integration delivered in customized training packages.

The ASU training can be part of our license agreement with you or XENDEE team members can train you directly. However, we also offer a comprehensive XENDEE Wiki and Wiki training movies too. Please contact us for more information.


Recent Publications by XENDEE team

October 2020

Pecenak Zachary K., Michael Stadler, Patrick Mathiesen, Kelsey Fahy, Jan Kleissl, “Robust Design of Microgrids Using a Hybrid Minimum Investment Optimization” Applied Energy Journal by Elsevier, Volume 276, 15 October 2020, ISSN: 0306-2619,

September 2020

Stadler Michael, Zack Pecenak, Patrick Mathiesen, Kelsey Fahy, and Jan Kleissl, “Performance Comparison between Two Established Microgrid Planning MILP Methodologies Tested On 13 Microgrid Projects” Energies Special Issue on Microgrids: Planning, Protection and Control, 7 September 2020, ISSN: 1996-1073

December 2019

Pecenak Zachary K., Michael Stadler, Kelsey Fahy, “Efficient Multi-Year Economic Energy Planning in Microgrids“ Applied Energy Journal by Elsevier, Volume 255, 1 December 2019, ISSN: 0306-2619,

October 2019

Fahy Kelsey, Michael Stadler, Zachary K. Pecenak, Jan Kleissl, “Input data reduction for Microgrid sizing and energy cost modeling: representative days and demand charges“ Journal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy, Volume 11, October 2019, ISSN: 1941-7012,

May 2019

Stadler Michael, Adib Naslé, “Planning and Implementation of Bankable Microgrids” The Electricity Journal, May 2019, ISSN: 10406190, . Free Preprint.

Additional Publications on Optimization Techniques

Mashayekh Salman, Michael Stadler, Gonçalo Cardoso, Miguel Heleno, Sreenath Chalil Madathil, Harsha Nagarajan, Russel Bent, Marc Mueller-Stoffels, Xiaonan Lu, Jianhui Wang, “Security-Constrained Design of Isolated Multi-Energy Microgrids,” IEEE Transactions on Power Systems, 2017, ISSN: 0885-8950, Free Version via Berkeley Lab.

Cardoso G., M. Stadler, S. Mashayekh, E. Hartvigsson, “The impact of Ancillary Services in optimal DER investment decisions,” Energy – The International Journal by Elsevier, Volume 130, 1 July 2017, pages 99–112, ISSN: 0360-5442.

Data-driven approach for monitoring, protection, and control of distribution system assets using micro-PMU technology. Stewart, Emma, Stadler, Michael, Roberts, Ciaran, Reilly, Jim, Arnold, Dan, Joo, Jhi-Young. CIRED – Open Access Proceedings Journal, 10.1049/oap-cired.2017.0416, October 2017

Mashayekh Salman, Michael Stadler, Gonçalo Cardoso, and Miguel Heleno, “A Mixed Integer Linear Programming Approach for Optimal DER Portfolio, Sizing, and Placement in Multi-Energy Microgrids,” Applied Energy Journal by Elsevier, Volume 167, 1 February 2017, page 154 – 168, ISSN: 0306-2619, LBNL-1006559.

Milan Christian, Michael Stadler, Gonçalo Cardoso, Salman Mashayekh, “Modelling of non-linear CHP efficiency curves in distributed energy systems,“ Applied Energy Journal by Elsevier, Volume 148, 15 June 2015, page 334-347, ISSN: 0306-2619, LBNL-6979E.

Steen David, Michael Stadler, Gonçalo Cardoso, Markus Groissböck, Nicholas DeForest, Chris Marnay, “Modeling of thermal storage systems in MILP distributed energy resource models,” Applied Energy Journal by Elsevier, Volume 137, 1 January 2015, page 782–792, ISSN: 0306-2619,, LBNL-6757E.

Stadler M., M. Groissböck, G. Cardoso, C. Marnay, “Optimizing Distributed Energy Resources and Building Retrofits with the Strategic DER-CAModel,” Applied Energy Journal by Elsevier, Volume 132, 1 November 2014, page 557-567, ISSN: 0306-2619, LBNL-6779E.

Cardoso G., M. Stadler, A. Siddiqui, C. Marnay, N. DeForest, A. Barbosa-Póvoa, P. Ferrão, “Microgrid Reliability Modeling and Battery Scheduling Using Stochastic Linear Programming,” Journal of Electric Power Systems Research, Volume 103, October 2013, page 61-69, ISSN: 0378-7796, LBNL-6309E.

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