The Laboratory for Energy And Power Solutions (LEAPS) at Arizona State University (ASU) offers 100+ hours of content in XENDEE simulation-based Microgrid design and hands-on integration delivered in customized training packages.

The ASU training can be part of our license agreement with you or XENDEE team members can train you directly. However, we also offer a comprehensive XENDEE Wiki and Wiki training movies too. Please contact us for more information.


Recent Publications by XENDEE team

Pecenak Zachary K., Michael Stadler, Kelsey Fahy, “Efficient Multi-Year Economic Energy Planning in Microgrids,“ Applied Energy Journal by Elsevier, Volume 255, 1 December 2019, ISSN: 0306-2619,

Stadler Michael, Adib Naslé, “Planning and Implementation of Bankable Microgrids,” The Electricity Journal, May 2019, ISSN: 10406190, . Free Preprint.

More than 150 peer reviewed journal contributions, reports, and presentations have been published. Below we provide a highlighted list of them.

Mashayekh Salman, Michael Stadler, Gonçalo Cardoso, Miguel Heleno, Sreenath Chalil Madathil, Harsha Nagarajan, Russel Bent, Marc Mueller-Stoffels, Xiaonan Lu, Jianhui Wang, “Security-Constrained Design of Isolated Multi-Energy Microgrids,” IEEE Transactions on Power Systems, 2017, ISSN: 0885-8950, Free Version via Berkeley Lab.

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Data-driven approach for monitoring, protection, and control of distribution system assets using micro-PMU technology. Stewart, Emma, Stadler, Michael, Roberts, Ciaran, Reilly, Jim, Arnold, Dan, Joo, Jhi-Young. CIRED – Open Access Proceedings Journal, 10.1049/oap-cired.2017.0416, October 2017

Mashayekh Salman, Michael Stadler, Gonçalo Cardoso, and Miguel Heleno, “A Mixed Integer Linear Programming Approach for Optimal DER Portfolio, Sizing, and Placement in Multi-Energy Microgrids,” Applied Energy Journal by Elsevier, Volume 167, 1 February 2017, page 154 – 168, ISSN: 0306-2619, LBNL-1006559.

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