Microgrid Engineer

Eric (Yongjin) Lim-Senesac is a recent graduate of USC’s Viterbi Engineering School / Master’s in Electrical Engineering with an emphasis on Powers Systems. Eric’s early experience includes being a teaching assistant in the electrical engineering lab at Wonkwang University, where he organized laboratory experiments and taught first- year students the principle and operation of asynchronous motors, electric generators, and oscilloscopes. Eric desires to research how to connect several microgrids to develop existing power grids into smart ones. His ultimate career goal is to activate microgrids in utility units, creating a national smart grid ecosystem. Eric is excited to call XENDEE his first career role in the United States and looks forward to much future success. Additionally, Eric was an Engineering Intern at Jeon-il Technology Group in South Korea. Eric is bilingual in his native Korean and fluent in English. Eric’s passions outside of work include luxury fashion & automobiles and multiple culinary experiences. Before Eric’s time in the US, he attended Wonkwang University as well as spent two years as a Sergeant in the Republic of Korea Marine Corp.