Chief Strategy Officer

Naser Partovi brings over 30 years of experience in investing, managing, and growing new businesses. He currently serves on the Board of VECKTA and the McGill School of Engineering Faculty Advisory Board and is Chairman of its Nominating Committee. He is formerly President and CEO of Sanitas Inc., a provider of health management tools to help people with major illnesses. Prior to Sanitas, Naser was CEO of SKY MobileMedia (acquired by Flextronics). He also served as the managing director at Enterprise Partners Venture Capital (EPVC) based in San Diego from 2000 to 2006. Prior to EPVC Naser was Vice President of Strategy and Business Development for Nortel’s Optical Networks where he was responsible for strategic investments, M&A and partnerships. He has invested in Networking, Telecommunication, and Media communications companies and served on the boards of: Ascendent Systems (acquired by BlackBerry), DragonWave (IPO), NP Photonics, Quorum Systems, WIDCOMM (acquired by Broadcom), GoBeam (acquired by Covad Communications), and Gigabit Optics (acquired by acquired by Oplink).