The #1 Design & Operation Platform

Rapidly Optimize Your DERs for Carbon Reduction, Resiliency, & ROI with Confidence

Microgrids & DERs - EV Infrastructure - Powerflow & Control - Modeling Services

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The #1 Design & Operation Platform

Rapidly Optimize Your DERs for Carbon Reduction, Resiliency, & ROI with Confidence

Microgrids & DERs - EV Infrastructure - Powerflow & Control - Modeling Services

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The Most Comprehensive DER Design & Operation Platform

Model and control 25+ DER technologies and 14 distinct value streams (e.g. electric vehicle charging and demand charge reduction), enabling you to quickly screen, design, and operate your DER project of any size. Achieve predictable outcomes by combining economic and one-line diagram modeling with future changes in technologies, regulatory constraints, and energy pricing.


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Microgrid & DER Deployment in
One Platform





Microgrid and DER Deployment in
one Platform








With DISCOVER, leverage your internal portfolio data with utility and weather data to identify optimal DER and microgrid sites in minutes –not months, maximizing your return on investment.


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Xendee's PROPOSE is a catalog driven proposal tool designed to win deals fast and pass projects to engineers effectively.


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With DESIGN, quickly model detailed power and thermal flow in your microgrid/DER network together with financial constraints.


Design for Optimal Performance→


OPERATE is a plug-and-play DER and microgrid controller. The same algorithm and features used in DESIGN will carry through to OPERATE, ensuring you realize projected savings.


Operate with Efficiency→


“I can take what normally would include a site walk-through, three months of negotiating with the utility to get the data, and a ten hour modeling exercise, and with Xendee can smash that into just a couple hours.

This allows me to quickly provide a report to a customer that substantiates the potential benefits of a proposal.”

Kurt West

Dir Business Development, 2G


"Once we had Xendee, it cut down the effort of putting all the technical pieces together, and allowed us to quickly see the power different technologies would provide to a system. Using Xendee reduced our time and effort by over two thirds, and allowed us to offer a new "rapid response” analysis product to our clients. This in turn has allowed us to engage clients quicker, and have them more likely to come back and re-engage us.”

Large EPC


“Xendee modeling is an additional tool in a decision maker’s toolbox that can quickly and succinctly pull massive amounts of data, organize it, and allow for various modeling scenarios to be played out.” 

Naval Station Rota

Utilities and Energy Manager Branch Head, NAVFAC

New Product Spotlight: MOBILITY

Gain The Predictable ROI You Need

Our latest product, MOBILITY, allows you to remove uncertainty from your EV charging infrastructure design, and achieve predictable returns.


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Screen 600 sites in 30 minutes

Let DISCOVER quickly rank order your portfolio of sites.

Group 121

Sales Quotes Within 10 Minutes

The extensive databases for utility rates, technologies, load shapes, and incentives will enable you to quote projects immediately.

Group 122

Costs Less Than 1%

Xendee design modeling costs typically average just ~13% of the industry average and less than 1% of the total project cost.

Group 125

100% Carbon Neutral

Design 100% carbon neutral microgrids at the lowest cost. 

Group 124

215,000+ Designs

More than 215,000 microgrid and DER designs have been optimized through Xendee.

Group 123

Real-Time Forecasting

Minute-by-minute AI enabled forecasting for renewable technologies and energy loads.


See How Industry Leaders Are Optimizing Their DERs & Microgrids Today for a Better Tomorrow

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