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Patented End-to-End Microgrid Platform

Our Bankable Energy™ cloud computing platform integrates all stages of the design process in a more intelligent way that delivers unmatched speed, accuracy and confidence to our customers. XENDEE gives everyone in your organization the ability to be a part of your energy transition team and make informed decisions faster.

Bankable Energy™ Cloud Computing Platform

XENDEE Microgrid Decision Support System


Client Feasibility Study

XENDEE’s immersive user experience and generative design optimization technology considers millions of possibilities and autonomously creates the optimal Microgrid system, investment thesis, and control strategy that best meets your customer's envisioned benefits and goals - in minutes.

Custom Tailored Bankability Study

Enrich feasibility studies with highly detailed modeling features that capture almost any imaginable scenario. Then let XENDEE's unique bankability analysis capabilities generate custom-built solutions optimized to your customer’s exact objectives and needs with unmatched accuracy and speed.

Balance of System (BOS) Engineering Analysis

Accurately determine BOS costs with XENDEE's integrated power system one-line diagram, time-series power flow, and transient stability analyses. Easily optimize the size of cables, transformers and other components required to ensure safe and reliable operation.

Implementation Management

Finally, XENDEE’s custom tailored project management information system delivers a simple and centralized cloud-based solution to instantly identify problems and determine project status. Deviations from plan are highlighted and indicate effects on the overall project delivery time-line.

Design Reliable
Resilient Microgrids

XENDEE implements a physically-based economic decision support system that couples financial optimization with detailed electrical power system analysis to verify resilience and financial viability before the first cable is laid.

Feasibility Study

XENDEE’s Geospatial Information System (GIS) is an immersive user experience that hides complexity and enables new users from business, financial and engineering backgrounds to accurately screen Microgrid investment opportunities in minutes. This also includes a project wizard for rapid setup.

Custom Tailored
Bankability Study

Easily and accurately capture your client’s envisioned benefits from a Microgrid, and confidently deliver the optimal design, financial outcomes and operational solutions that ensure a successful customer journey, and profits from their investment years into the future.

Balance of System
Engineering Analysis

Next-generation Microgrid power system analysis technology and cutting-edge One-Line Diagram modeling helps customers ensure safe and reliable operation, and accurately optimize sizes and costs for cabling, wires, transformers and other Balance of System components which can add up to 30% of a project’s cost.

Implementation Management

Manage the entire Microgrid project delivery process in one interface. XENDEE’s secure cloud-based platform helps you track project status, assets and communications with project managers, contractors, consultants, and construction firms to ensure quality on-budget and timely system deliveries.

Featured Project

US Army Bavaria Microgrid Design & Analysis

XENDEE Corporation and The Department of the Army have signed a contract for modeling, analysis, and design of secure and resilient Microgrid systems at US Army Garrison Bavaria’s Grafenwoehr and Hohenfels Operational Readiness Training Complexes. As part of this contract, XENDEE will develop the optimal configuration and operation of Distributed Energy Resources at both locations, including the mixture and placement of technologies, optimized energy dispatch, financial analysis, and software training for Army staff. XENDEE’s engineers will leverage their patented Microgrid design and implementation software platform which has recently been selected and awarded funding by the DoD.

XENDEE’s engineers and the software platform provide a valuable resource in the Army’s efforts to establish strong energy resilience at US Army Garrison Bavaria. The further promulgation of dependable and resilient Microgrids at these facilities will improve energy security as well as decrease dependency on local utility services and foreign energy resources, enhance outage resilience, and leverage renewable resources to meet Department of Defense sustainability goals.

A sample of past projects for XENDEE Corporation includes the conceptual and techno-economic modeling of Microgrids at Hanscom Air Force Base, Boston Logan Airport, and The US Navy Expeditionary Warfare Center, to name a few. XENDEE software has also been specifically enhanced to meet the needs of the US Army through awards and funding from the Department of Defense’s ESTCP program and the United States Federal Aviation Administration.

“Beautiful Bavaira” by SFC Garrick Morgenweck. The appearance of U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) visual information does not imply or constitute DoD endorsement.

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