Optimized Clean and Resilient Energy Solutions for Communities and Cities

Generate Scalable and Replicable Business & Ownership Models

XENDEE’s streamlined Microgrid planning and decision support platform helps community resiliency stakeholders and decision makers to pursue informed strategies through a comprehensive, and methodical approach that informs their actions.

Our platform delivers the technology layer required for city and community planners to transition from customer-by-customer resiliency planning toward implementation of resilient Microgrids for all ratepayers. Planners can confidently generate and implement optimal Microgrid investment plans that deliver the outage fight-through capabilities necessary for critical infrastructure such as 911 emergency call centers, fire and police stations, waste water and sewage facilities, airports, and other critical loads that are vulnerable to sustained interruptions in grid service

XENDEE in partnership with the Rocky Mountain Institute, ACRP, and Converge Strategies recently developed a first-of-a-kind Airport Microgrid Implementation toolkit that significantly reduces the upfront cost burden typical of resiliency asset investment planning for airports. Decision makers are now able to easily evaluate and characterize the effects of different power outages, provide design recommendations for a Microgrid’s functionality, identify compatibility requirements to interconnect and disconnect with the utility, evaluate how an airport’s load profile can be met through energy generation and storage technologies, and incorporate future load profile changes to an existing microgrid.

Santa Rosa, California

Smart Campus Clean Energy Solutions to Safeguard Communities


XENDEE and Advisian are currently working with the California Energy Commission to develop a Microgrid for Santa Rosa Junior College to improve its community by reducing CO2 emissions while providing emergency services during power outages.

This project will provide a blueprint for how other campuses can develop clean and smart energy solutions at the best value.

  • Develop Standardized Metrics and Definitions for System Certification.

  • Template Solutions to Replicate Business and Ownership Models at Scale.

  • Leverage Legacy Infrastructure and Generate Cost Optimal Resilient Energy Systems.

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XENDEE provides an efficient, accurate Microgrid Modeling platform that finds the best technology options to lower emissions, improve energy efficiency, and lower costs. Streamlined interfaces, standardized configurations, and specific catalogues simplify the design process, bringing energy solutions to your community today instead of tomorrow.

With the right Microgrid design, life can continue as normal through outages, turning an energy emergency into an energy solution. XENDEE generated configurations and designs are backed by over $700M in research and development, making them the best choice to provide your community with a resilient and reliable technology portfolio.


XENDEE leads the industry in modeling and optimizing a full suite of DER technologies, both conventional and renewable. Users can customize the technical performance specifications to best model the technologies being considered. The technical customization is nearly endless and will guarantee accurate optimized results for your project.


A multi-layer data protection and cyber-security framework that meets the strictest industry compliance standards ensures platform performance and protects our customers data. Some of these include ISO 27002 and 27001, PCI-DSS, SSAE16, SOC 1, 2, and 3, Privacy Shield and Content Protection and Security Standard requirements.


XENDEE considers more value streams through Microgrid adoption than any other software. Through consideration of opportunities for increasing efficiency and resiliency, and reducing utility, operations, and maintenance costs, XENDEE generates the most optimal configurations designed to take full advantage of all possible opportunities.

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