XENDEE’s streamlined Microgrid planning and decision support platform helps community stakeholders and decision makers pursue informed investment strategies for resilient local Microgrids that can keep emergency services running when they are needed most. The platform can also be used to support a wide variety of local facilities including 911 emergency call centers, fire stations, wastewater facilities, sewage facilities, airports and other critical local loads. Additionally, XENDEE’s experience with government, commercial, and military contracts means that our solutions are specially designed to maintain reliable energy security and Fight-Through™ capabilities to weather a storm of any kind.

A new development in XENDEE’s community Microgrid solution is our partnership with the Rocky Mountain Institute, ACRP, and Converge Strategies to develop a first-of-its-kind Airport Microgrid Implementation toolkit that significantly reduces the upfront costs and design time typical of resiliency asset investment planning. This allows decision makers to move through a guided, standardized process that captures existing technologies and also assures that organizational goals such as resiliency through extended outages are maintained. These services can also be offered in person by our expert consultant partners at Converge Strategies through one of their comprehensive on-site workshops.

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The Clean Energy and Resiliency (CLEAR) Program in Massachusetts

XENDEE and a team of resiliency experts including RAND Corporation, Converge Strategies, LLC and Ridgeline Analytics are developing a planning and design toolkit for climate-resilient energy infrastructure in the state of Massachusetts. This program, part of the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center's CLEAR initiative also seeks to create a certification process for other resilient communities state wide. The project will leverage XENDEE's software and launch with two test locations in both the Town of West Tisbury and Brigham and Women's Hospital. Click here to learn more about the project.

Reduce Economic Losses from Major Outage Events

With experience in real community Microgrid projects, XENDEE understands the challenges city planners, policy makers and critical facility operators face when considering extended outages. We provide an advanced, versatile platform that reduces the upfront cost burden associated with the design of resilient Community Microgrids and assists in developing a long term investment plan that meets or exceeds the needs of local essential services.

“With the right Microgrid design, life can continue as normal through outages, turning an energy emergency into an energy solution. XENDEE generated configurations and designs are backed by over $700M in research and development, making our platform the best choice to provide your community with a resilient and reliable technology portfolio. Streamlined interfaces, standardized configurations, and specific catalogues simplify the design process, bringing energy solutions to your community today instead of tomorrow.”


-Adib Naslé

Founder, CEO of XENDEE

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