Federal Aviation Administration Microgrid Projects

XENDEE has developed a cyber-secure Microgrid decision support platform capable of enabling rapid project development and secure collaboration amongst federal and civilian contractors on a national scale.

These management features include real-time workflow automation, project status monitoring, project bid and award management, electrical and mechanical engineering design/review, construction plan review, and operational testing and commissioning.

XENDEE's project management mode also delivers an On the Job Training system with certification testing in order to quickly train new hires at scale to support over $3 Billion in ACEPS II microgrid projects for the National Airspace System critical infrastructure.

Schneider Electric Former Senior Vice President and CTO Barry Coflan Joins Xendee’s Board of Directors

The Xendee Corporation, a leading DER and EV charging infrastructure design and operation software provider, announced today that Barry Coflan has...

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Town of Basalt, Colorado

Rocky Mountain Institute

Challenge: A non-profit consulting for a municipality was looking into modeling a proposed new development in their town.

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Mid-Sized Global Consultancy

CHALLENGE: A mid-sized global consulting company was engaged by a steel mill to evaluate a few unsolicited solar proposals they had received for a...

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