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FEST: Facility Energy Saving and Securing Technology Program

The existing DoD utility data and asset management systems such as MDMS and BUILDER are deployed to reduce energy waste and costs with encouraging results. Primarily this energy savings is derived from increased visibility to energy efficiency choices and losses with improved observability to operators and facilities. However, in most of those data management systems, utility meter data are used for “billing purpose only” instead of “billing and monitoring purposes.”

In addition, the meter data (e.g., data in the US Army’s Meter Management Data System) are not well integrated with other measurement data (e.g., data in Utility Monitoring and Control Systems). The economic and technical values of smart meters and the usefulness of “big” smart meter data are not fully realized.

Our team, which includes Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL), the University of Michigan (UM), and XENDEE, with the support from White Sands Missile Range (WSMR), will demonstrate the Facility Energy Saving and Securing Technology (FEST) using multi-source data with the following capacities:

Efficiency metric: Integrate a large volume of multi-source data including smart meter data, and convert the integrated data to actionable information to help facility energy mangers prioritize capital investment (i.e., planning) and manage installations to save energy demands and costs (i.e., operation).


Resiliency metric: Identify and demonstrate use cases of smart meter data for system recovery from manmade and natural extreme events, and help utility operator make decisions before, during, and after the events.


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