With Armed Forces energy security on the line, XENDEE is committed to maintaining quality power for troops in the United States and beyond. Our streamlined and secure Microgrid planning and decision support platform helps military planners and mission critical facility operators pursue informed energy strategies that maximize mission readiness and base capabilities even in an extended outage or disruption of service with local utilities. XENDEE also offers training programs as well as custom server options to make sure the needs of military applications are met.

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Fight-Through™ Capable Microgrids

With multiple installations and approximately 40,000 soldiers and civilians, U.S. Army Garrison Bavaria is the largest U.S. base outside of the United States.
The U.S. Army Garrison Bavaria (USAG Bavaria) at Garmisch, Germany uses XENDEE for its resilient Microgrid and Distributed Energy Resources (DER) projects. The XENDEE team, together with USAG personnel are collaborating on the conceptual, technical, and electrical design of Microgrid systems that cost-effectively improve energy security and resilience performance compared to small-scale power delivery systems without storage.

Cost-Effective Energy Security and Sustainability

With experience in a variety of DoD projects, XENDEE understands the importance of energy security. Our platform delivers the decision support technology necessary for military planners to transition toward the implementation of Fight-Through™ resilient Microgrids, cost-effectively and at scale.

We provide an advanced, versatile platform to determine the best technology options to maximize the potential of reliable and sustainable energy sources for mission-critical facilities. Standard interfaces, configurations, and DoD specific catalogs simplify the entire process.

XENDEE’s efficient, accurate Microgrid modeling platform also enables planners to identify improvements to existing installations with confidence. Our algorithms consider the entire problem space and generate solutions that are backed by extensive analysis on ride-through capability and resilience using distributed energy system optimization, next-generation power system analytics, and optimal control strategies – all under a single integrated platform.

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“A properly configured Microgrid offers absolutely critical resiliency to military installations. Additionally, self sufficiency in the field offers energy security to operational bases as well as the ability to maintain mission readiness even when local power is knocked out in the entire region. XENDEE’s experience with DoD projects and sensitive infrastructure also means we put particular focus on both our security encryption and private server solutions to assure the needs of our clients are met and exceeded.”


-Adib Nasle

Founder, CEO of XENDEE

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Ensure Security, Operational Readiness and Resiliency with XENDEE