Generate The Most Optimal Fight-Through Systems for Defense Critical Energy Infrastructure

Fight-Through™  Defense Critical Energy Infrastructure

Over $3 Billion in mission critical Microgrid projects are managed with XENDEE technology. Our streamlined Microgrid planning and decision support platform helps military planners and mission critical facility operators pursue informed strategies that ensure mission readiness and force projection through a comprehensive and methodical approach to energy security that informs actions and investment plans.

Fight-Through Capable Microgrids

U.S. Army Garrison Bavaria at Garmisch

With all installations and approximately 40,000 soldiers and civilians, U.S. Army Garrison Bavaria is the largest U.S. base outside of the United States.

The U.S. Army Garrison Bavaria (USAG Bavaria) at Garmisch, Germany uses XENDEE for its resilient Microgrid and Distributed Energy Resources (DER) projects. The XENDEE team, together with USAG personnel are collaborating on the conceptual, technical, and electrical design of Microgrid systems that cost-effectively improve energy security and resilience performance compared to small-scale power delivery systems without storage.

  • Develop Standardized Metrics and Definitions for System Certification.

  • Template Solutions to Replicate Energy Security and Deployment Strategies at Scale.

  • Leverage Legacy Infrastructure and Generate Cost Optimal Resilient Energy Systems.

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XENDEE leads the industry in modeling and optimizing a full suite of DER technologies, both conventional and renewable. Users can customize the technical performance specifications to best model the technologies being considered. The technical customization is nearly endless and will guarantee accurate optimized results for your project.


A multi-layer data protection and cyber-security framework that meets the strictest industry compliance standards ensures platform performance and protects our customers data. Some of these standards include ISO 27002 and 27001, PCI-DSS, SSAE16, SOC 1, 2, and 3, Privacy Shield and Content Protection and Security Standards.


XENDEE considers more value streams through Microgrid adoption than any other software. Through consideration of opportunities for increasing efficiency and resiliency, and reducing utility, operations, and maintenance costs, XENDEE generates the most optimal configurations that take full advantage of all possible opportunities.

XENDEE provides an efficient and accurate Microgrid Modeling platform that finds the most effective system design and integration of resource considerations with control decision processes generated into the solution. Our technology empowers planners to confidently enhance energy security of installations worldwide against uncertain, adverse, and dynamic conditions.

XENDEE generated configurations and designs are backed by over $700M in research and development, making them the best choice to enable a more adaptable and resilient force.

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