SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA, June 10, 2021: XENDEE Corporation and its subcontractor Colombara Romeo Engineering will perform economic and electrical energy resilience modeling for US Army Base Longare to verify the current system capabilities and explore opportunities to add sustainable generation options such as photovoltaic and battery energy storage systems.

The intent of this DoD project is to analyze the current condition, identify existing deficiencies, and determine what elements would be necessary to implement a more resilient electrical infrastructure in the most cost effective manner. Additionally, as this facility serves mission critical loads for a foreign base, the new upgrades must also enable the Microgrid to function in islanded operation for an extended period of time.

“XENDEE’s engineers will use our platform to determine the optimal configuration and operation of the Distributed Energy Resources to generate the most optimal mix of technologies, installation topology, and operation of the Microgrid to meet the DoD’s project goals,” said Michael Stadler, CTO of XENDEE.

The first stage of the project, the field investigation, will examine the existing infrastructure to determine the condition and appropriate sizing for future capacities to meet loads and generation challenges associated with energy resilience alternatives in the Microgrid.

“With the field investigation complete, we can explore ideal placing and sizing for the considered Distributed Energy Resources (DER). This will enable us to provide a design recommendation, project specifications, an equipment list and a cost estimate to implement the new distributed energy upgrades on base,” said Romeo Colombara, founder of Colombara Romeo Engineering.

With the onsite information gathered, XENDEE’s engineers will use the data and design recommendations to model multiple optimization scenarios for the possible infrastructure upgrades. These can be selected and prioritized to maximize savings, resilience, environmental impact reduction, and reliability. The optimized scenarios will also make it easy to assess the resilience and cost targets for each option, giving decision makers a variety of design alternatives that can be employed to achieve the desired objectives for that site location.

Additionally, XENDEE will provide an optimized dispatch for each scenario, giving US Army Base Longare a precise framework for Microgrid operation to capture the lowest prices and highest efficiency based on the technologies selected.

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About XENDEE: XENDEE develops world-class Microgrid decision support software that helps designers and investors optimize and certify the Fight-Through™ resilience and financial performance of projects with confidence. The XENDEE Microgrid platform enables a broad audience; from business decision makers to scientists, with the objective of supporting investments in Microgrids and maintaining electric power reliability when integrating sources of renewable generation.

About Colombara Romeo Engineering: Colombara is a firm located in Vicenza, Italy with experience in Engineering & Energy Management Services for U.S. Military sites. Colombara has extensive experience in electricity studies, renovation of electric substations, energy control and distribution systems, construction management and build cost estimation to meet both Italian and U.S. building standards.