October 13, 2020 09:00 AM Pacific Daylight Time

SAN DIEGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–XENDEE Corporation and The Department of the Army have signed a contract for modeling, analysis, and design of secure and resilient Microgrid systems at US Army Garrison Bavaria’s Grafenwoehr and Hohenfels Operational Readiness Training Complexes. As part of this contract, XENDEE will develop the optimal configuration and operation of Distributed Energy Resources at both locations, including the mixture and placement of technologies, optimized energy dispatch, financial analysis, and software training for Army staff. XENDEE’s engineers will leverage their patented Microgrid design and implementation software platform which has recently been selected and awarded funding by the DoD.

“XENDEE’s integrated design platform combines site feasibility studies, a satellite image based geographical design system, technological & economic optimization, powerflow analysis, and one-line diagramming under a single entity,” said Michael Stadler, CTO of XENDEE. “This streamlines the entire process of Microgrid design and provides the flexibility to quickly test different solutions and technologies to ensure the greatest possible energy resilience, sustainability, and security.”

XENDEE’s engineers and software platform provide a valuable resource in the Army’s efforts to establish strong energy resilience at US Army Garrison Bavaria. The further promulgation of dependable and resilient Microgrids at these facilities will improve energy security as well as decrease dependency on local utility services and foreign energy resources, enhance outage resilience, and leverage renewable resources to meet Department of Defense sustainability goals.

A sample of past projects for XENDEE Corporation includes the conceptual and techno-economic modeling of Microgrids at Hanscom Air Force Base, Boston Logan Airport, and The US Navy Expeditionary Warfare Center, to name a few. XENDEE software has also been specifically enhanced to meet the needs of the US Army through awards and funding from the Department of Defense’s ESTCP program and the United States Federal Aviation Administration.

About XENDEE: XENDEE develops world-class Microgrid decision support software that helps designers and investors optimize and certify the Fight-Through™ resilience and financial performance of projects with confidence. The XENDEE Microgrid platform enables a broad audience, from business decision makers to scientists, with the objective of supporting investments in Microgrids and maintaining electric power reliability when integrating sources of renewable generation.

XENDEE Press Contact:

Jay Gadbois