XENDEE's Milestone Newsletter #2

A New User Interface, Hydrogen Modeling, and Dispatch
& Power Flow Integration

Over the last few months we’ve been working on redesigning our user interface to improve the speed and ease with which projects can be generated, released a new modeling system for hydrogen fuel, and launched a new integration that connects the techno-economic optimizations created by users with power flow and distribution system modelling. This effectively links bankability studies with balance of system engineering studies and allows users to simulate in detail the effects that peak usage, daily fluctuations, and power outages can have on system components at each hour of the day. Additionally, with the optimized economic dispatch integrated into the power flow simulation, users can test their Microgrid components under the optimized system operation generated by XENDEE instead of verifying component capabilities just off their theoretical capacity. This enhanced integration delivers a much more accurate simulation of system capabilities and creates opportunities to cut costs, prepare for future expansion, and avoid overloading the Microgrid system.

-Adib Naslé
Chief Executive Officer of XENDEE

New Feature Overview:

Dispatch Optimization & Power Flow Simulation Are Now Integrated

The latest update allows users to integrate the economic dispatch optimizations generated in XENDEE’s GIS Conceptual Designer with XENDEE’s power flow models from the detailed technical design phase. This new integration allows cutting-edge simulation of components and Microgrid interaction under real-world conditions with minimal time and expense. Users can also stress test their power flow design under adverse conditions, such as an outage during peak usage, while also considering the optimized economic dispatch of power within the system (for instance the charging of a battery or operation of an electric vehicle station). This gives users the ability to study the effect that changing voltages, loads and electrical supply can have on individual cables, transformers, and storage equipment to verify that the system is not overloaded even under a multi-day or multi-hour blackout. Additionally, by quickly comparing the effects of new equipment and different design decisions, users can easily discover ways to save money or meet operational goals by increasing resiliency or capacity for the future.

An Engineers Guide to Dispatch Optimization & Power Flow Integration

Featured Tip From Engineering:

This extended video tutorial is an excerpt from XENDEE’s “Microgrid Design, Economic Optimization and Simulation” course taught at University of California, San Diego. As part of this short course excerpt, engineers can get a deeper understanding of the new integration and learn how to generate the optimized economic design and integrate it with the power flow and engineering study.

Hydrogen Modeling Now Available in XENDEE

Model the On-Site Use, Production, and Sales of Hydrogen Fuel

With the latest update, XENDEE’s In-Depth Expert Techno-Economic Design mode (also referred to as expert mode) can now model hydrogen as part of a fuel purchase, electrolyzer production, and the storage of hydrogen. First, as a fuel source, XENDEE can choose to purchase hydrogen fuel to help meet emission goals or resiliency requirements. Next, electrolyzer production is the on-site generation of hydrogen through an electrically induced chemical reaction. This is powered completely by sustainable resources, and can take advantage of excess production during the day, for instance during a sunny afternoon, to generate hydrogen from PV instead of curtailment. Finally, XENDEE can optimize the purchase, storage, and dispatch of hydrogen to ensure it is used most efficiently within the system.

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Recently Released Features:

Updated Interface:

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Updated Interface:

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