Project Management

Reduce Implementation Time and Costs for Your Microgrid Projects

Improved Decision Making

XENDEE’s secure and enterprise-grade solution is designed to provide real-time monitoring for planning, workflow automation, and improved project productivity.

Our on-demand solutions helps you easily handle multi-project environments with different scopes, complexities, and workflow. 

Streamlined Management and Communication.

XENDEE’s microgrid project management information system natively integrates with the latest version of Microsoft Project Professional providing engineering managers with the ability to hot-sync their Microsoft Project list of tasks – without using the Microsoft Project Web App.

Enjoy the benefits of “light-weight” project management where a Microsoft Project Server is not required for web-enabled project management. With XENDEE, team members can view project schedules and update their work via mobile or desktop devices, with the changes automatically updated in Microsoft Project, and vice-versa.

Real-time project status data, such as a project summary, time-line, task list and calendar can be viewed by authorized team members, anywhere, anytime. When using XENDEE, team members can utilize the “All My Work in One Place” feature which displays and allows management of all tasks specifically assigned to a team member.

Reporting and Visualization

Real-time interactive dashboards make it easy for stakeholders to stay up to date. All stakeholders are kept in sync at all times.

No manual effort or need for custom scripts.

Prioritize and Visualize

Instantly identify problems and determine project status. Deviations from plan are highlighted and indicate effects on the overall project status.

XENDEE leads the industry in providing a powerful and accurate Microgrid, Minigrid, and Distributed Energy Resources design and implementation tool that optimizes selection, sizing, dispatch, and placement of technologies in addition to power flow analyses.